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Important Elements to Look for When Buying Diamonds

If you are planning to invest in loose gems, then you may be considering diamonds. A common misconception for many is that all diamonds are created equal. If you have acquired this viewpoint, you may end up buying a diamond and investing a long time without recouping your investment. Whether you prefer the Harry Winston, the David Yurman, or the james allen collection, here are some important factors to consider when buying diamonds to get the most out of your investment.


Diamond clarity is connected with the overall appearance of the diamond itself, plus any inclusions or difficulties with that appearance. Inclusions are symbols or problems within the diamond itself. Many variables contribute to the creation of the clarity metric and its determination. The first is the size of the inclusion.

It looks at the type of enhancement the diamond has. For example, if the inclusion is only on the outside, it may not fit the grading metric at all, while an enhancement that goes through the pearl can greatly change the hardness rating. Other things that play a role in diamond clarity are the variety of inclusions present and when those inclusions are combined or scattered throughout the diamond.


The cut of a diamond refers to all the small angles and aspects that are cut into the stone to enhance its light manifestation. A poorly cut diamond is dull and lifeless, while a diamond with top-notch attributes and angles effectively interacts with and creates light: brilliance – which is the manifestation of white light, fire – which will be the dispersion of light in some way the colors of the rainbow, and sparkle or perhaps sparks – which are caused by the patterns of light and dark within the rock.


Diamond carat defines the measurements of the diamond in addition to the weight. The guideline once you purchase diamonds will always be to choose the least expensive color and texture while using the largest carat size possible. This will offer you the best investment for the price. In the event you have diamonds but they are in flavor, consider removing the pearl and weighing it to determine the true carat weight of the diamond until it goes into an investment portfolio.


People believe that authentic diamonds only come in one standard color, which is usually considered clear. The fact is that there are different colors in diamonds that determine value. Ideally, you want to find a lack of color in the pearl. The more color there is, the higher the value. For someone who would buy the diamonds after you are ready to advertise the investment, then they would hunt for how the clear diamond appears in a setting. This means no blue, yellow, or even pinkish hues should be present.