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Must Listen Coldplay Songs

An individual can argue that Coldplay is one of the best bands today and they won the best selling album of 2008. Also Their music has spread to France and Canada, Australia, and England. I’m a big Coldplay fan, and after the question “What are the best Coldplay songs of all time” he approached some friends of mine while appreciating the rock band, he took the cogs of the ideas they believe.


A piano melody that gives a chorus, but the shirt. Not many songs provide the listeners with a little more in the direction, and the ending varies over time. A film that mixes stop-motion and digital results. This is a place if you are not familiar with Coldplay songs.

Speed of Sound

Great rhythm. Great words. You have a piano voice that introduces the song. Where “Trouble” is a constant horse from start to finish, “Speed of Sound” is like a gallop that increases as the song progresses. You keep hookin’ as soon as you think you’ve been hooked. And not just because of the singing. The guitars, along with the piano, are now being projected. It’s like one of those Russian dolls around which the babies keep appearing. This song will fill your color again and again and again.

In My Place

In My Position starts with a-rock’, there’s a guitar lineup with Jonny Buckland. Here’s the hook we hear in the song, in the guitar, he records a combination of played arpeggios and discovered alternatives. I think it’s fun to obey the team. Even if, while you’re listening, you’re looking at a penis that you can’t see. And Chris does a great job delivering a song, but not a song, a song that lasts for days.


I don’t think any cast was played in the film. Not only will you hear this song in every movie that is love, but the hook of the video has been dissected to be shown in TV series and films. The song is a 4/4 form, which is fundamental, but what’s great is the division of the counters. It doesn’t convey a feeling, but a rhythm, which is guaranteed until your mother sees you dancing awkwardly at court, like a fanatic, and you end up in your town.

The Scientist

No melody gives me goosebumps like the Coldplay scientist. Even a caramelized theme that is nostalgically enjoying an introduction and a voice. It’s not before 1:38 that the 14th Ring comes, that’s a big thing. See the standards for the attack. They find the exit and make it move. In the July 14, 2005 variation of Rolling Stone magazine, Chris Martin says, “In another album, I thought something was missing. I’d been to that Liverpool region, and there was a Tune piano there. This melody came out. The first time I sang is what’s available on the market”.

You can’t deny that this is one of the movies of all time if you agree with my decision to go with Coldplay’s songs of the time.